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  • Thank You Donation

    If you feel inclined to "tip' or "donate" This is an option. I appreciate each and every person.
    Valid for one month
    • Thank you! Love, Light & Blessings.
  • Ashe Tree Monthly Subscriber

    Every month
    Subscribers get pulled to the top of the list on Instagram & Facebook lives. Anytime
    • You can ask 1 question a month privately through chat
    • Top of the list on Facebook & Instagram livestreams.
  • Premium Ashe Tree Monthly Subscriber.

    Every month
    Get the full experience and hone your intuition at the same time!
    • once a month zoom meeting
    • intuitive play dates via zoom.
    • top of the line on Facebook and Instagram livestreams.
    • Live with Ashley V Frye once a month via zoom.
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