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Lapis Horse

Lapis Horse Steven 

Crystals are beautiful & alluring pieces of nature, that are packed with healing vibrations.

The word crystal derives from the Greek word "krustallos', which means "ice" and "crystal."

Science and industry use crystals every day. 

Making products that we use in everyday life.

Such as makeup and cellphones.

Crystallography is the scientific study of crystals. 

 Quartz is in very common things that we use every day.

Some of the most common uses for crystals & minerals include........


Cell phones

Drywall (gypsum).

table salt 

copper conductors 

makeup (mica)

car batteries (Sphalerite)

paint (mica) also used as paint brightener.

sandpaper (garnet)

water filtration industrial (garnet)

ceramics (kyanite

brake pads (kyanite

catalytic converters(iolite)

fluoride toothpaste.

Even some of the fancier choices in product use high quality crystals and minerals. 

Rolex watches faces are made out of colorless sapphires and the inside works with quartz crystals that help control the time alongside a silicon chip.

Fancy right!? 

If science uses the power of crystals for everyday use, why can't we?

Luckily you can!

Start right here with a custom crystal consultation to find out how and what crystals you can start using today! 

crystal healing on the beach

the subtle glow of a labdorite stone on the beach. 

Each crystal has a unique energy imprint. Just like you!

These frequencies sometimes want to work with us when the frequencies match.

These stones will usually stare at you Un relentlessly as you shop. Crystals and minerals will "eyeball" you until you take them home.

These crystals and minerals are the ones that really want to help us heal.

Crystals are formed when Mother earth goes though big changes. 

Big changes like...... erosion,


pressures / pressure changes. 

Big changes result in beautiful jewelry.  

Crystals hold the energy from these Big changes.

We can harness these crystals as transformational tools as we heal ourselves. 

Learning to harness the power of these beautiful healing aids is a truly amazing superpower.  

I specialize in helping you identify which stones want to help you on your personal healing journey. I will also include instructions on how to use the stones in your crystal heling consultation. 

I can also help identify why that piece was staring you down in the shop.

When you get crystal healing consultation, I will channel messages from crystals on how they would like to assist you as well. 

Large hand carved agate dragon
crystal transform

Large Agate Dragon Carving.

Many spiritual people from all different cultures have been using some crystals and stones in spiritual practices since as early as 2000 BC.

Ancient Egyptians used lapis luzli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald and clear quartz in their jewelry.

The Egyptians primarily used stones for health and protection.

In China emperors would sometimes be buried in jade armor

Crystals in history were a lavish item to own. 
Jewels can be seen in history as healing symbols as well as symbols of status.

In this day and age, crystals are inexpensive & widely available

All crystals and stones have an immense power that we can tap into to help us in our healing journey. 

For example, rose quartz is among the most popular crystals available on the market today. 

I personally believe that it is a must when you start your healing journey. No love is more important than self-love, which rose quartz helps with immensely

Let's evaluate your crystal heling needs today. beginner up to avid collector, I will help pair you with the knowledge or crystals personalized for your healing journey. 

crystal healing at the beach

Amythest scepter on the beach 

crystal healing accelerate

I have helped over 2,000 clients find their perfect crystal pieces in my crystal healing Carrer

So let me help you start your crystal healing journey today. Once you learn how to use these beautiful tools to enhance your everyday life it is hard to go back!

I like to also include a chakra scan when you receive services

Being a reiki practitioner and medium allows me to connect to your energies and chakras to help identify any blocks you may currently have. 

Once we can identify the problem, I can channel what stone or stones you will need to balance or heal these chakras. 

Working with crystals and stones on your chakras or with meditations is one way to keep your energetic health up.

I like to refer to this as energetic maintenance and hygiene

Working with meditations with stones is a great way to keep your chakras aligned and in good order. 

When we work with reiki and stones we usually work with the most common chakras. 

Crown: Sahasrara: 7th chakra

Third eye: Anja:6th chakra

Throat: Vishudda:5th chakra

Heart: Anahata:4th chakra 

Solar Plexus: Manipura:3rd chakra 

Sacral: Svadhishthana:2nd chakra

Root: Muladhara:1st chakra

We have hundreds of chakras in our bodies but ultimately, we start with these seven spots. 

If you have energetic blockages in these areas, it can cause some real issues. If we have unresolved feelings, it can cause serious blockages in chakras as well. 

I can help you identify your crystal and chakra healing needs, so you do not have to feel energetically drained. 

citrine on snow
Amethyst crystal healing properties
smokey quartz crystal healing properties
Azurite healing properties
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