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healing starts here mediumship reiki and crystal healing
Ashley V Frye

Ashley V Frye

At AsheTree No matter where you are on your healing journey I can help! I specialize in helping you heal with, quality crystals and minerals. I can help illuminate new options and pathways with my psychic mediumship readings. I strive to provide you with the highest quality healing experience. I can help guide you to your most purposeful pathway with confidence and clarity on your next steps. 

Hi, I'm Ashley and I am the founder of AsheTree  I know that obstacles can keep us from living our best lives. Fear, doubt and all the what if can really bog us down. Thats why your here! I can easily channel answers for you so that you can easily navigate through life with a positive attitude. I can also pair you with the essential tools for your healing and transformational needs. I would love to help you evaluate your healing plan. I can also help show you how to use the transformational magic of crystals and minerals.  

 I have helped pair thousands of people find what they need in the metaphysical world. 

From pairing reiki masters with their perfect healing tools to helping the everyday mom relax when they have some time. 

Let me help you on your healing journey with a psychic /medium reading or a crystal consult today! 

start your transformational journey now.
Amythest and citrine spirit quartz

Spirit quarts 

Everyone has questions. We can spend so much time spinning our wheels worrying about what could happen.

Why sit around and stress and overwhelm yourself with the would the could and should. 

I can help you with a psychic/medium reading. Spirit always knows what you need and when you need it. 

Find your control over any areas in life you need. 


Your pet's health and wellness track.

Career or study path.

Relationships of all types.

Are you energetically blocked?

Spiritual evolution.


Your mental, physical & emotional self.

loved ones in spirt. 

This is only a few examples on how a reading can really give you an advantage with your life. 

crystal healing on the beach

Timothy Playing at the beach meditating with a large pistachio calcite sphere. (Atlantic Ocean) 2022

Yup, they sure can! 

Lots of customers ask for pet services during a reading or order a reading for their pets! 

Sometimes my clients want to know how their animal friends are feeling. 

Some of the frequently asked questions for animals include...

Does my animal feel safe at home?

Are they comfortable now? (Actual bedding, home, company etc.)

What can I do for my animal to make them feel more at home and show them more love?

Believe it or not we can really ask a spectrum of questions to ensure that your pet is living its best life as well! 

It can be beneficial to make sure our animals are feeling their best physically and energetically! It's good to check in with our animal friends and make sure we are doing our best to ensure a happy home.

I will do a health assessment with your pet before I end the session.  

I do NOT diagnose or treat animals for illnesses

A licensed veterinarian needs to evaluate your animal for health needs. 

pets can be read. Pets are healing companions.

Yuna 2021

spirit animals are important to our healing journey

Blue egret 2022

Crystal Healing can help you grow as an individual. But did you know that you could use crystals for the energies in your home? Or for your kids and pets? 

Crystals can be used to align our chakras and help energize or cleanse the energy of your home. 

Usually in my Psychic/mediumship readings what stones and crystals that you may need to use currently in your life show up.  When we are going through different phases in our life our need for different stones may emerge. I use crystals every day for a variety of reasons. I even keep some stones in the cupholder of my car and in my purse/ pockets daily. My kids LOVE crystals and minerals. Timmy especially, he has a large selection of rocks that he has been collecting over time. 

fire iris in summer

Golden Iris

Imagine having a magic crystal for every problem in your life? 

It is possible. I use crystals and minerals for so many daily things. For example, as a medium I could become very ungrounded at times. So, I keep river stones or red jasper around or in my pocket. 

I carry quartz because of its magnification properties. This is why quartz is used in almost all of our electronics like TVs and cellphones! 

Science and industry of the world harness the different energies of crystals and minerals every day. 

Imagine how you could harness the energies of crystals and minerals in everyday life. Usually in your reading your guides will explain to you where you should be using crystals in your everyday life. 

Let's get mindful as we start our magical healing journey together! 

The powerful magic of transformation is here! 

peace, serenity and love

ducks in nc

We have all had that moment where we wonder to ourselves "Am I where I need to be in my life?"

Sometimes you may just know that you're missing one of the pieces. 

It's no mistake that you are here.

Your loved ones and guides want you to live your best life joyfully and confidently. 

They do not want you to live your life with constant uncertainty and anxiousness.

They want to help deliver that positive message you have been needing to hear.

Spirit knows what to deliver in the right timing to help you enjoy life and stop stressing about things we don't have control over. 

In a psychic/mediumship reading you gain control over your life knowing what steps you need to take. 

You can gain clarity on life with a new perspective. Healing starts with knowing there is always a positive way forward no matter how sticky things may seem now. 

Getting a psychic medium reading can really free your mind from some of the demands of life. 

Some of these My include.


Pets helth and wellness






With a reading get ready for support and love from spirit in areas like.

Personal Growth.


Personal transformation.




Seriously the list could go on forever. When you get a reading, you are allowing yourself to receive loving messages from your loved ones and spirit & your spirit guide team. 

roses on the lake AsheTree

Roses in bloom in my homestead in Winston-Salem,NC   May  of 2022 in memory of Loretta Cooper. 

you are special
healing is magical
crystal magic
get clarity and confidence to move forward
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